Introduction to the Internet

The internet is a global network of billions of computers and other electronic devices. With the internet, it's possible to access almost any information. You can access the internet using a web browser. Common browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge among many others. People can store files on the internet by uploading them to servers. Servers are just computers that are always connected to the internet.

Every website on the internet uses HTML files to display information. The most important part of the internet is using links to access different pages.

Here is a screenshot of CodeChangers websites. On our homepage you are welcomed by a bunch of information. You probably didn't realize it but when you go to you are actually just opening an HTML file! in this example you are just opening a file called index.html. Every Website on the internet uses the name index.html for it's homepage (or the first page that loads when you go to a website). Whenever you click on a link on a website it is really just opening a new HTML file that has new information!

We figured most kids don't have a thriving online business that needs a website... yet. So instead of making a website for a fake business. We are going to build a fun project where we are going to write our own web story! You will learn the basics of HTML and end up with a fun, interactive project that shows off your skills. You will become a pro at linking HTML pages and know better how the internet works. So lets get to it!

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