Project Introduction and Supply List

Let's get CREATIVE!

For the micro:art project, you will get to use your own creativity to make a moving piece of art! The examples we show you are just that: examples. Use your creativity and whatever you can find around your house to make your very own work of art!

Some ideas for projects include: scenes from movies or books, your favorite animal or game character, landscapes, cities, an interactive game board, a useful tool

Along with the art supplies we sent you, you'll need a few things from your SparkFun kit:

Servo Motors



Alligator Clips

LED Lights

Swag Pack Box

We also suggest collection the following:

Masking or clear tape

Hot glue


Paint, markers, crayons, etc.

Rubber bands, brads, etc.

Milk carton, milk jug, etc.

Other craft items

*You may need adult assistance as you build your project.

Here's a hint: If tape isn't holding your pieces in place well enough, use tape on both pieces you wan to connect, and put hot glue between the tape! This way, you can reuse your parts by peeling off the tape/glue!

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